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American Woman Black Light Poster


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American Woman Black Light Poster

ORIGINAL 1970 American Woman Black Light Poster done as a part of the First EARTH DAY CELEBRATION April 22, 1970.

 46 YEARS HAVE PASSED since this poster was made!

The “American Woman” Black Light Poster was created by a young art student, Rick Ambrose, for an art festival celebrating the first Earth Day. (April 22, 1970). The title was inspired from the hit song, “American Woman” by The Guess Who.  The Third Eye in NYC, purchased the rights to produce a small  run of only 5,000 Quality posters and went out of business shortly after the run was made.  Most were sold in “Head Shops” thus  hung in dorm rooms, student apartments and group houses only  to be destroyed and discarded over the years.   

This vintage American Woman Black Light Poster features beautiful artwork from the 70’s. This psychedelic original piece will bring back memories of the hippie days. Stunning illusions when placed in front of a black light.


Artist: Rick Ambrose
Year Done: 1970
Produced By: The Third Eye
Sheet Size: 33.5″ x 21.5″