C-Series Table Bases



Product Description

C-Series Table Bases

Commercial Quality and Made in the USA!

The “C” Series base represents the “Classic” flat steel design.  Black bottom with chrome column is standard.  Choose from our square and rectangular options for that shape tabletop.  Also available is a C-Series base with a round “foot” to accommodate most round tabletops.  Both are pictured.

C-18×18 (max 36×36)
C-16×22 (max 30×42)
C-22×22 (max 42×42)
C-18×30 (max 36×48)
C-22×36 (max 42×60)
C-30×30 (max 48×72)
C-18 (max 30″ Round)
C-21 (max 36″ Round)
C-24 (max 42″ Round)
C-30 (max 60″ Round)