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Child’s Diner Booth Set


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Product Description

Child’s Diner Booth Set

Our exclusive Child’s Diner Booth Set is the cutest thing since baby puppies!  Your kids will feel like Big People when they sit down in this set, constructed of the same high quality materials used in our full size models.  Good for eating in, coloring on, or hosting tea parties; this booth is sure to be a smash hit with kids of all ages. Check out the latest home featuring this set at Mickey ’ s Diner in Disney World!  Table is laminated in white with 1.25 inch real metal banding, with a Custom Cut Premium Chrome Column Base.

Designed with your child’s safety in mind!

We use an extra heavy commercial quality table and base to ensure against tipping over. Perfect seating for dinner, snacks, homework, playtime! This beautiful set is available in your choice of three kid friendly colors with standard white contrasting piping.

Booth Specs: 30W x 26.5H (Seat Depth 12 inches)
Table Specs: 24W x 30L, White Laminate and real 1.25 inch real metal banding.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for production of our Child’s Diner Booth Set in your choice of colors.

Additional Information

Weight 200 lbs