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Coca Cola Booth Set


Pricing shown is for a standard 44″ four-person diner booth set.  Please call if you wish to purchase other sizes, or a custom size to fit your space perfectly!

Bull’s Eye Etched Glass Panel: * 



Coca Cola Booth Set

Designed and made in the USA. Commercial Quality – built to last!

The Coca Cola Booth Set featuring a “Swish” design, consists of two 44″ single benches upholstered in Stratford “Coke Red” Flame (SF-85) and Stratford “Coke White” Surf (SF-79), with one 24″x 42″ table top laminated in white and trimmed with 1.25″ real metal banding. Completing the set is a “B” Series Chrome Column Base.   As with all our diner booth sets that are 44″ in length, you have ample seating for four!

Also pictured with this set is an optional glass panel, measuring 42″W x 12″H and includes all mounting hardware necessary.


Dimensions: 24″D x 36″H x 44″W
Weight: 110 lbs (each bench)

Please allow 4-5 weeks for production!

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Weight 450 lbs