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Record Carrier Case


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Crosley Record Carrier Case

The Crosley Record Carrier Case is identical to the LP storage box that Sister Sue had in the 1960s! It is the ultimate repository for 30 or more of your favorite albums.

You must remember summers where your hard-earned money was spent virtually as quickly as you could make it; ensuring your record collection was up to par. The wisdom passed down: that proper storage and handling can mean the difference between warped, ruined records versus a collection to be proud of. Sturdy and vinyl wrapped, the Record Carrier Case features heavy-duty hardware including hinges, corner guards, and snap closure.

Product Features:

  • Holds 30+ Albums
  • Vinyl-Wrapped
  • Durable Hardware
  • Chrome Snap Closure
  • Corner Guards
  • Metal And Resin Handle
  • Vinyl-wrapped
  • Holds 30+ Albums

Fully portable for rockin’ round the clock anytime, anyplace.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs