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With Fall fast approaching and Winter right behind, now is the time to start thinking about indoor entertainment!  Have you been dreaming of a man-cave or creating more “play-space” in  your basement or garage? Well let’s get with it! With special pricing and discounts on many items, you can either pick and choose what you would like and add on a piece at a time or you can go all out custom with help from our talented designer staff.

We have spoken with many clients and have found that many of them delayed remodeling or adding additional features because they simply did not know where to start. We have many years of experience, having designed for so many different spaces that we will be able to give you ideas to ponder and help you to create a cozy or elaborate space for you to enjoy. It costs nothing to ask questions and you may find something that is a perfect fit for you. If you are not prepared to go with a full blown custom design, Retro Outlet is a great place for you to start! Look through all the dinettes, booths, bars, lighting and even coolers for your favorite brew, look through all the colors, see what is actually available to you and the deep discounts and just do it! If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

Start with your larger items and build around them. A bar or dinette set in any of dozens of colors would be where we would suggest you start and then add on pieces as you can. Not everyone can afford to custom design and build an entire room and that is why using Retro Outlet will still allow you to fulfill your dream of a new adult play area one piece at a time! Asking friends and family to help you buy purchasing smaller items for you is also another way to help you complete your room! Vintage signs, lighting, barstools, chairs or even a jukebox can be asked for as birthday or Christmas gifts! Before you know it, you will have many of the items you were only dreaming of.     bb-home_bars

Pick your bar, match it to a booth and you are on a roll! There are so many creative ideas for even small spaces and economy minded wallets that you may even be able to start today! All bars have coordinating booths and dinette sets so you can match them when you are ready. W.ith the current discounts, it is more affordable now than ever before. Don’t delay because the discounts will not be there forever! Measure your space, get the dimensions of the items and give it a go! You won’t be disappointed in the quality of your new furniture and you will have something that you can be very proud of and probably get a ton of compliments on!  When it’s raining and snowing outside and the wind is blowing, you will be tucked away in your cozy new entertainment area enjoying the music or a big screen TV.

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