The History of the Booth

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Malibu Diner Booth SetThere is a long standing, and rather steamy,  history behind the style of booths.  Booths actually became quite popular in the 1920’s as private dining areas preferred over the table and chairs that were in public view.  Initially, booths were set up along the outer areas of restaurants, and with their height and many being enclosed with curtains, they were the center of public outcry! What exactly was going on in the booths  behind those curtains? Soon after, many states followed a “no curtain” policy but increased the height of the booths for those seeking privacy to 54 inches. Many strange laws went into effect regarding just who could sit at booths….

A party of 1 could sit at a booth or a party of 6 or more could be seated at a booth but nothing in between!  Each booth had to have its own private light which had to be lit when anyone occupied it. One Police Chief actually convinced his City Council that booths were the single most contributing factor to the degradation of moral character in the local population of youths.

Restaurants heavily advertised having booths for “quiet and intimate” dinners and by the 1930’s, manufactures were publicizing catalogues of booths and dinette sets available to restaurants and diners everywhere that included booths having chrome and colorful leatherette in many patterns and styles.

Tea rooms picked up the booth craze and offered their dining clients “private alcoves” for a more personal and exceptionally quiet experience.

Retro booths and dinettes never lost their popularity through the decades and even the movie and television industry included the era.  Remember “Happy Days” with Fonzie and crew?

Art Deco Booth with Logo

Although the booth started out with a rather questionable past, they have withstood the test of time and still hold a large part of people’s hearts.  Now, booths and dinettes are being used in people’s homes as design features, bringing back the past and providing a comfortable entertaining area.

Booths are here to stay, bringing comfort and pleasure to those looking for a unique experience that will never become dated. has many ready to go booths and dinette sets at discount prices so if you have been thinking about redesigning your man cave, basement, or kitchen, stop by and take a look. We’re sure we have something for everyone!


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