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Design trends of the past can revive modern remodels with ease. Items like vintage bar stools and retro bb-elmira-6-burner-range-model-1947kitchen appliances can add a quick splash of color and style to any modern, contemporary or traditional kitchen. Adding style and personality are now easy, courtesy of Big Chill and NorthStar Appliances who are both manufacturers of quality retro appliances designed for commercial or home use and available at

While renovating your entire kitchen every few years may be entirely outrageous, it is not unrealistic to freshen up your tired, old kitchen with a mini makeover. Take a critical look at your kitchen, and then focus on that portion that needs the most improvement. Whether it is the cabinets or counter-tops, frequently you will find that you can afford to change an element in your kitchen, even if you cannot afford a full renovation.

If you’re not ready for a full remodel, you can still give your kitchen a fresh, new feel without breaking the bank. With a bit of creativity, you can add a splash of new into your older, established kitchen today.

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Partial remodeling of a kitchen can add value if done tastefully, keeping style and function at the forefront of all decisions. As trends emerge, kitchen retro appliances often increase the overall value and don’t look the same as the kitchen next door. Most kitchen remodels, consisting of kitchen islands, granite countertops, travertine backsplashes, topped off with stainless steel appliances and fixtures, leave modern day kitchens all having the same look, becoming more commonplace as time goes on, with fewer unique qualities to display. Retro furnishings offer so many fabulous styles that can lend to a variety of kitchen designs.

Whenever you decide to spruce up your kitchen, don’t just think in terms of high cost cabinets, countertops and fixtures. Quickly add color, style and originality with retro appliances. With a splash of color, vintage bar stools and a retro dinette, it offers a unique atmosphere for a warm and inviting kitchen.

One popular way to liven up your kitchen is in the retro style of decorating. This style helps to give you a wonderful look for all of those retro pieces that can make the room fun and welcoming.

When planning your decoration, you want to be sure that you include all of the different facets of the kitchen. This includes window treatments, floors, cabinets, wall color, furniture, etc. You want all of the pieces to mesh well together to create a kitchen that is a cohesive whole, rather than the pieces detracting from each other. Popular colors in the vintage retro style of decorating include pink and blue, red and white, and cream and green.Art Deco Booth Set in Zodiac

To achieve a vintage look doesn’t mean you have to spend arm and leg for it. Adding a couple retro kitchen appliances to your kitchen will give it a great look. The use of retro appliances in a modern kitchen is very much in trend these days, so if you amongst those who want to transform the look then why not try doing it with the basics.

To demolish the kitchen and start from scratch is sometimes just not possible. Not everyone can afford this. Your dream to have a fresh new look to your kitchen can still be achieved by adding retro touches through kitchen appliances. Whether you’d love to have a diner look, or atomic look you will find lots of irresistible ideas, suggestions while looking at these retro products.

With the limited availability of antique appliances, can help. How about starting with the refrigerator? You can opt for a retro style refrigerator that is available in different colors like red, green, flamingo pink, butter yellow, white and sky blue. You can complement this refrigerator by adding a matching stove. If your kitchen cabinets are done in primary colors then your kitchen will certainly look great in this theme.

Apart from this, there are several vintage kitchen appliances that you can add in your kitchen to give a complete retro look. You can add a microwave or toaster. These days you can also get dishwasher panels, coffee makers, can openers, waffle makers, juicers, mixers, microwave, cookers and even the smallest of items like salt n pepper shakers in the retro look.

36x60 Oval White 2.25 banding with Am Beauty and Chalk C1V ChairsRather than hiring an interior designer, which would of course be expensive, you can add a few retro things along with new kitchen appliances which will help you get a vintage theme to your kitchen without paying dearly for it. Consider adding accessories such as cookbooks, some pretty vintage looking bottles containing your condiments, attractive flowers and other such small things that enhance the look.

Delightfully, vintage home accessories are often not only beautiful, but functional as well. Because the whole look harks back to a time when household items were built to last and be decorative as well as useful, kitchen accessories and items such as racks and hooks are at the core of vintage beauty.

Where do you begin to look for retro appliances? You can easily buy them from  There are several benefits if you want to purchase these appliances online, as you are offered with great discounts and a variety of color options to choose from.

As you start reviewing options, don’t limit yourself to cookie cutter remodels. Your choices are limitless, which can be positive in terms of having options, but it also makes it very easy to bypass creativity and go for the most popular selections. Like anything in life, value is not determined by price and demand alone; originality plays a large role in increasing and contributing to the overall value. Style, character and unique attributes are fostered from creativity, quality and the right combinations of texture, color, pattern and appearance.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of skill or money to get a great vintage look in the kitchen. Smart shopping and a good eye for retro appliances is all it takes to have great vintage decor you’ll enjoy every day.

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